My #OneWord2017 – OPEN

As Winter Break comes to an end, I’m taking a moment to reflect and set goals.  A simple, yet powerful, way to set intentional and meaningful goals is #OneWord.  Choose one word that embodies everything you hope to accomplish in 2017.  This word is a reminder that you can carry with you, and can help you be more mindful in the new year.

My #OneWord for 2017 is OPEN.  Here is what it means to me:  download-3

OPEN to new challenges.  Beginning with the 30 day blogging challenge, this year I will push past my comfort zone, and accept more challenges.  From presentations to periscopes, I will try new ways of connecting with educators and sharing my voice.

OPEN to new perspectives.  Sometimes I get too wrapped up in my daily routine, and don’t take the time to truly see and listen to the perspectives of everyone in my school community.   This year, I’m excited to have students add their voice to professional learning.   Starting off meetings with a fun question has been a great way to learn more about teachers and build relationships.  Attending PTSO meetings could provide insights on parent perspectives, too.

OPEN to new ideas.  When teachers come to me with new ideas, it is important that I support them in taking risks and being innovative.  It’s not enough to have a growth mindset – we need an innovator’s mindset!  What does that mean?  It means that our students (and ourselves) will not only be able to learn new information – but will also be able to do something with it!

OPEN to change.   This is an exciting time in education, with many changes taking place.  In 2107, I hope to not only embrace change, but help create it, too.

OneWord is a wonderful way for students to reflect and set goals for the new year.  Create a bulletin board collage to display their one word.  Share them on twitter using #OneWord2017.  Or, I love this idea of students creating a visual reminder of their word, using the Path On app.

If you are looking for others on the same journey as you, sign up for #OneWord365 and find your tribe!




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